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We can help you to restore your sleep and improve your sleep quality by creating behaviours that support a great night of sleep through our 1-1 sleep coaching and our sleep awareness courses.

We also offer training to organisations that need to create awareness around better sleep for their people.

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Is sleep even a consideration when trying to improve productivity in your workplace?



Days lost in Productivity due to poor or insufficient sleep


Economic Cost to the Economy due to poor or insufficient sleep

1 in 3

People who are affected by insomnia

Data published by the Rand Corporation highlighted that in the UK we lose 200,000 working days in productivity throughout the year due to poor quality or insufficient sleep.

Yet in the workplace, sleep and the sleep of your individual staff will rarely be a part of any performance conversation.

Considering sleep is the single greatest tool we have at our disposal to improve and prolong our physical and mental health and wellbeing it is surely about time we start to bring this into the typical performance conversation.

We passionately deliver sleep education in the workplace, providing individuals with behaviour change opportunities to improve their sleep that very night.

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Discover the fundamentals of good sleep with our 3-hour Sleep Awareness course.

Explore sleep hygiene, positive sleep habits, and behavior change.


Uncover sleep in the workplace and educate staff on the basics of sleep.

Find out how sleep can affect day-to-day performance and discover positive behaviors.


Six one to one coaching sessions to improve your sleep.

Combining principles of CBT-i and coaching, a hugely powerful solution to enable you to get a great night of sleep.

Sleep Awareness

Learn about solutions that can and will work to improve your sleep.

Module One – Fundamentals of sleep

Clarify and understand the basics of sleep, sleep types and sleep cycles and why they are important for our overall health and wellbeing.

Module Two – Sleep and Health

The role of sleep on our mental health is crucial, we discover how great sleep and poor sleep contribute to our mental state.

Module Three – Sleep, Food and Exercise

Learn how food and exercise play a key role in sleep and how sleep plays a critical role in our exercise ability and food choices.

Module Four – Sleep Hygiene

Find out what sleep hygiene actually is and what it actually does and learn how to improve a key component of a great night of sleep.