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About Us

Sean Bailey Wellness CIC uses the lived experience of adversity, battles with physical health, challenges of mental health and an incredible recovery to inspire and support others to achieve their potential.

We are a Community Interest Company, working not for the interest of profit, but to support and service the wider community in making changes for the better.

Our Inspiration

Sean Bailey Wellness CIC was founded in 2020, inspired by the recovery of Sean Bailey.

Broken neck, 9 hour surgery, 3 day coma, 7 months hospitalisation, prognosis of, “You need to accept you will not walk again,” combined with mental ill health, did not stop recovery. 

We use this deep rooted experience, combined with our wellbeing expertise to inspire others to make positive change, switch their mindset and take the first steps to fulfilling potential.

Our Mission

Poor health and health inequalities are two of the greatest challenges of today for people of all ages.

Our mission is to inspire the current and future generations to achieve better health and wellbeing.

We use our experience of the most unlikely recovery in very challenging circumstances to stimulate people’s behaviours towards achieving better health.

Sleeping better, eating smarter and moving more are completely within our control and if improved, will contribute to better health.

Our Impact

We are proud that our work impacts people from all different backgrounds, people with highly challenging health conditions and people that require ongoing support to make progress in their lives.

In 2021 we supported over 300 people to improve their physical and mental health and capability, through our Community Group Exercise Program. 

During the same period we also supported 100+ children and young people with physical activity provision, education and community engagement.

On an individual level, we supported people with over 640 hours of 1-1 ‘Performance Coaching” seeing improvements in sleep, mental health, nutrition profile, physical capabilities and significant improvements to overall lifestyle.

We are equally as proud to support workplaces, and during 2021 we worked with many wonderful organisations delivering high quality services.

We training 300+ people remotely with our Wellbeing Workshops, exploring behaviour changes and ways to improve individual health and wellbeing.

Our Sleep Awareness program was delivered on three occasions to a variety of remote and face to face cohorts, creating greater awareness on the importance and impact of sleep.

Improving Health and Wellbeing for all

We will provide you with relevant and realistic options, opportunities and methods to improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our coaching and behaviour change models are applicable to all of our service users, find out more by contacting us.

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