Sean Bailey Wellness CIC

About Sean Bailey

Sean Bailey is a Professional Coach with a truly inspiring and empowering story.

Breaking his neck, 9 hours of surgery, 3 days in a coma and the prognosis of “Never Walking Again” did not stop Sean from overcoming this adversity.

Using this adversity to inspire and support others to achieve their goals.

“I cannot change the world but I believe I can change the world of every person who works with me”

About Sean

I am Sean Bailey, I am 37 years old and I have been deeply involved within coaching and health and wellbeing for 20 years.

I started coaching in the Corporate world at 18 using the TAO of Coaching book by Max Landsberg, it set me up for my coaching journey ever since.

In 2005 I suffered a life changing injury whilst playing sport, I broke and dislocated my neck at the C5 and C6 vertebrae level. Immediately following the injury, I had significant surgery, was placed in an induced coma and was hospitalised for 6 months.

Remarkable Recovery

Upon transfer to a spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit I was categorically told that, “I would never walk again.” My rehabilitation ‘ripped up the manual’ and I walked out of hospital several months later with a variety of walking aids. The rehabilitation was tough, however the application of several key principles; activity, sleep, hydration and nutrition, played a vital role in my successful recovery.

During the rehabilitation I was ultra-motivated to ensure I undertook additional physical activity, I always tried to get at least 8 hours of sleep and my hydration levels and nutrition were both very specific and played a key role during the recovery process.

The rehabilitation was tough, however the application of several key principles; activity, sleep, hydration and nutrition, played a vital role in my successful recovery.

Award Winning Coaching

My first involvement in coaching and facilitation was at 18 years old delivering many business sessions around the implementation and training of a new software application. In 2007 I undertook my first formal coaching education which eventually led to coaching and leading various Paralympic programs at Manchester United and the Football Association to great success.

Following further international success and recognition I was awarded the BBC Sport Get Inspired Unsung Hero Award in late 2017 for my work within disability sport.

Overcoming Adversity

It was in 2017 that I finally spoke about my mental health challenges following the difficulties of the spinal cord injury. Identifying as having a disability was extremely difficult, I was diagnosed with PTSD following flashbacks but it was something I did not try to think about or speak of. Further issues transpired as time passed by including substance abuse, addiction, anxiety and bouts of depression.

Putting in place a recovery plan, again going by the key principles applied to the physical trauma I experienced with spinal cord injury; sleep, hydration, activity and nutrition, I was able to recover and manage my mental and physical wellbeing to an unparalleled level within my life time.


My life in the Corporate world of over 20 years has allowed me first hand to experience so many negative wellness stories. And current day culture towards health and wellness is strikingly similar to the culture when I started my career at 17.

The learnings from my years involved within sport specifically around athlete preparation highlighted that the preparation of an athlete should be no different for anyone looking to improve their health.

You or I should hydrate adequately, we should be looking to optimise our sleep, we should be eating high quality nutritional food, we should engaging in physical activity and we should be able to manage our stressors. If athletes can do this, why can’t we?

As a Professional Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner and Timeline Practitioner, we have the understanding and tools to enable success.

Also practicing as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Sleep Champion and Mental Health First Aid Instructor, combining professional coaching with significant wellbeing expertise Sean offers a truly unique offering.

These experiences have led me to today where I can confidently and openly talk about my lived experience of trauma, mental illness and recovery.