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Sean Bailey Wellness CIC is a Community Interest Company providing Health and Wellbeing coaching and training

based in Runcorn, Cheshire.



Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

Through our training and coaching services, we build, educate and deliver wellbeing services to create better health for the population.

Lived experiences, combined with an evidence-based approach and behaviour change models underpin all of our services as we bring the science, studies, and data to life, ensuring you can apply simple and better behaviours to create better health.



High quality coaching is at the absolute core of our work, different methods and modes of application support our goal of health improvement and positive behaviour change.

One to one coaching creates direct accountability that stimulates positive change, whether we are delivering ‘Performance Coaching,’ ‘Sleep Coaching’ or ‘Personal Training’ we maintain the highest quality of coaching, working towards world class results for you.

Group coaching builds group accountability which provides a unique stimulus to successfully integrate positive behaviour changes. 



Building awareness around good health behaviours is fundamental to all of our work.

We deliver formal training sessions to organisations and individuals that are intended to create awareness of simple routes to better health.

Our training solutions also develop individuals and teams to then support others in their organisations, community and personal networks. 




Our lifestyle programs utilise physical activity to improve health, create better wellbeing and enable consistent and positive lifestyle choices.

We deliver indoor and outdoor exercise initiatives dedicated to providing you with fun, effective and scientifically proven ways to improve your health, change your shape and improve your overall wellbeing.

We can also provide one to one or small group personal training to enable you to be at your best in terms of exercise and health.

Within all of our work themed towards lifestyle, we will educate and support you in making positive behaviour change to improve your health, wellbeing and lifestyle.


Sean is an accredited Professional Coach, Personal Trainer, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, Timeline Practitioner, Sleep Specialist, Wellness Expert and a Mental Health First Aid England Instructor Member.

With 20 years of experience in the corporate sector and the world of elite sport, his insight into challenging health and wellbeing and solutions are completely unique but highly relevant in today’s world where poor wellbeing is normality.

He is a voice who speaks openly and passionately about all things wellness harnessed from his own lived experience of poor mental health and paralysis.



No matter what mode of work we deliver, we have one aim: “To improve health and wellbeing”

Simple behaviour change starts with understanding what is possible, gathering motivation and then initiation, we work to make all of this possible and to make it reality.

We are dedicated to providing you with simple, effective and scientifically proven ways to improve your health, change your wellbeing and make you feel great about yourself.


What People Say

” I sourced Sean for a ‘Well-being at Work’ event that we hosted in our workplace in January. The goal of the week was to provide support to our colleagues who had health and well-being goals for the year ahead. Sean’s extensive coaching background along with his qualifications in nutrition, sleep, fitness and mental health made him a perfect fit for achieving what we wanted out of the week. Sean‘s seminars covered a broad range of topics from Nutrition to Activity to Sleep Hygiene. His background in the corporate environment displayed practical solutions to issues as opposed to someone who may have simply walked in off a gym floor. Many who attended the event praised Sean’s ability to cater the course to their needs, rather than a one size fits all approach that you see in other seminars.
James Poyner
Corporate Wellbeing Leader

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