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Personal Training & Exercise Bookings

To book onto any of our group exercise program or to schedule your personal training appointments please use the below calendar.


Subscription to our exercise services begins at £18 per month for a single group exercise session per week, offering fantastic value for money with a minimum of three months subscription.

We have options to mix and match subscription options to ensure you get the perfect exercise schedule to achieve you health, wellbeing and fitness goals. 

All classes are available as a drop in, £5.00 per person, per class and must be booked and paid for in advance.

If a package combination is not displayed that you would like to explore, please contact us to discuss.

One Class per Week

Subscription One

£18 per month

Two Classes per Week

Subscription Two

£29 per month

Three Classes per Week

Subscription three

£36 per month

Two Classes per Week & Two HIIT Sessions per Month

subscription four

£45 per month

Two Classes Per Week & Two PT Sessions Per Month

subscription five - SOLD OUT

£50 per month

Three Classes per Week & Two PT Sessions per Month

subscription six - SOLD OUT

£70 per month

All group exercise sessions are held on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at Sandymoor Academy, Wharford Lane, Runcorn, WA7 1QU
To view your account including all group training and 1-1 bookings please use the below:
May 2022
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"You're making such a difference in our lives! I would usually be sitting on the sofa in my pjs eating crap and doing nothing! Instead, I am catching up with my friends, having a laugh, getting fit, losing weight, feeling and looking better than I have for a long time. We are so happy doing this!"

Sandra Mason

NHS Hero

"I'm loving the circuit sessions and the team have been great, whilst coming out of lockdown madness this was exactly what I needed to get some focus back on my fitness."

Marc Wellings

Head of Trading

"I am a keen runner, combining circuit training with my running has enabled me to knock 2 minutes of my best 10K time. Outstanding work."

Helen Shaw

School Teacher

"You have been an inspiration Sean. I'm so made up with my progress and after a rubbish day at work today the session tonight has made me feel much more positive. A massive thank you from me!"

Mary Taylor

Program Manager - Europe