Sean Bailey Wellness CIC

Education Settings

We regularly work with multiple schools and different education settings providing a range of services to support staff and students.

From one off days to multi session programmes, our work is developed to improve, inspire and stimulate change.

Staff Wellbeing Inset Days, Wellbeing Themed Days, After School Wellbeing Activities and our Young People Coaching and Leadership Academy form our Education Settings offer.

After School Wellbeing

After School Wellbeing is a beneficial services for settings that are looking to maintain or improve wellbeing across their students.

We provide stand alone sessions and linked programmes that are delivered across the whole term ensuring that students can learn and progress towards better wellbeing.

Our After School Wellbeing includes physical activity and learning activities including Yoga sessions, Breathe work, Mindfulness and Functional Mobility. Learning activities will focus on the SELF principle, Ways to Build Resilience, Gratitude and the Environment. 

Coaching and Leadership Academy

Our Coaching and Leadership Academy is an eight-week program that can be embedded within educational settings to complement existing activities. 

Developed to support children and young people from Year 6 onwards and those with behavioural issues. Learners will explore Role Models, Characteristics of Great Leaders, Session Safety, Session Design and Session Delivery with various pieces of self discovery work interconnected across the whole program.

If your setting has a particular need or requires additional provision to support students, our Coaching and Leadership Academy can be customised to suit your needs.

Wellbeing Inset Days

Physical and Mental Wellbeing of staff in all workplaces should be a lead priority across all organisations to prevent modern day burnout.

Within education settings this is even more paramount as staff constantly juggle demands, tasks and challenges of their own circumstances and the circumstances of their pupils.

Our Wellbeing Inset Days can create the opportunity that staff need to reflect on their current wellbeing, identify their wellbeing needs and create their own personal action plan to avoid burnout, protect their physical and emotional health and be better in their role.

School Wellbeing Days

Engaging with pupils regarding their own Wellbeing can be a challenge for all education settings. Time restrictions, staff capacity, student engagement are some of the examples we regularly hear about regarding delivering wellbeing learning.

We can support your whole school by removing the burden of wellbeing by providing enriching Wellbeing Days.

Students will learn about great wellbeing, participate in wellbeing themed activities and reflect on their own physical and emotional health across each activity.

School Wellbeing Days can be delivered as School Wellbeing Weeks.