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Workplace - Wellbeing Speaking

Our Keynote Speaking services will say it how it is, we will give deep insight into lived experience of poor wellbeing in the workplace both as an employee and employer.

By working with us, we can support your Wellbeing projects, training days or simply create greater staff awareness with our Keynote Speaking.

See below how our Wellbeing Speaking can support your business.

Wellbeing Keynote Speaking

We can provide keynote speaking giving unprecedented insight to Wellbeing in the Workplace to complement your workplace programmes, key dates and events.

Our Wellbeing Keynote Speaking will share insights into health and wellbeing challenges in the workplace, how difficult those challenges can become and what you can do as an organisation to promote and support great health and wellbeing.

As part of our Wellbeing Keynote Speaking we will ensure your staff are engaged throughout using the latest technology to truly ensure they are focused inside the session.

We talk about the reality of living for the weekend, sleep deprivation and social jet lag, lunch time behaviours, mental health, disregard for self wellbeing and how the workplace can deal with the wellbeing challenges of today.

Mental Health Keynote Speaking

We can provide speakers with lived experience of different mental health challenges to support your workplace programmes and events.

By listening to the reality of our speakers your organisation and leaders can learn to spot signs and symptoms of poor mental health and initiate support before the problem escalates.

Our speakers will share their experiences of how organisations and leaders did not support their mental health and what the real outcomes and difficulties were following these experiences.

Hear about addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma, with deep insights into the role of the workplace with these challenges.

Improving Health and Wellbeing for Business

We can tailor all of our training services to provide you with encompassing solution that is suitable for your organisational needs. 

By working with us we can create bespoke learning opportunities to meet the needs and requirements of your employees for a better skilled and productive workforce.

Custom Training Programmes to Suit Your Needs