Sean Bailey Wellness CIC

Community Exercise

You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to enjoy the benefits Exercise. Our Group Exercise Program will benefit the exercise beginner, the exercise returnee or the competitive athlete. 

Our exercise programmes will provide you with an enjoyable and effective workout that will get you results.

Circuit Training

  • Welcoming

    Everyone is welcome at our sessions regardless of age, ability, experience or current level of fitness. All sessions are supportive to those that are beginning their fitness journey whilst remaining challenging.

  • Improvement

    Using our personal methods and exercise design, all sessions are designed to progressively improve strength, speed and stamina whilst focusing on agility and balance.

  • Health and Wellbeing

    We see fitness as a component of great health and wellbeing. Regular attendance at our sessions can improve mental wellbeing, improve sleep and improve nutrition profile.

Live Well Project

  • Social Prescribing

    The Live Well Project is a social prescribing project enabling people to improve their health through supported group exercise without clinical or medicinal intervention.

  • Fully Funded Sessions

    Eligible individuals can self-refer or a receive a medical professional referral to access our fully funded sessions used at the pace and need of the individual.

  • Work at Your Pace

    Sessions are held indoors and outdoors across different venues. We encourage users to exercise at an intensity that they are comfortable with to ensure safe and enjoyable progress.