We specialise in professional coaching, goal setting and stimulating positive behaviour change.

Our significant expertise in health and wellbeing improvement will enable you to become a better version of  YOU.

Everyone can improve their physical and mental wellbeing, let us show you how we can do this for you.

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Our coaching can be delivered remotely or face to face.

Whether you are an individual looking to make change, a small independent business looking to support your staff or a large organisation looking to change your culture, we can help.

We change mindsets, we remove blockers, we achieve goals.

View our coaching offerings below.

One to One Professional Coaching

online via Zoom

One to one online personal performance coaching enables you to reach your potential.

With our help, together we will:

– Understand your personal values and ethics and how and where they impact your life.

– Change the unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that are preventing you from flourishing.

– Remove the behaviours that have prevented you moving towards your potential.

– Explore positive mindsets that will create the pathway for future success – Set well polished, clear and realistic for you to progress in your life and/or business.

​Whether it is performance improvement, health improvement, mindset change or event based anxiety, our coaching can support you in fulfilling your potential.

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Health & Wellbeing Improvement Coaching

Online via Zoom

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If you are struggling with either your physical wellness or mental wellness, through stress, poor quality sleep, poor diet or lack of physical activity and you want to make positive change then we can help you.

Online Health and Wellbeing Improvement Coaching is built around basic principles that support realistic behaviour change.

Via a series of educational workshops, this program explores sleep, nutrition, hydration, activity and stress; uncovering key individual learnings within each subject area.

Within each workshop you will design behaviours that align to your own long and short term goals connected to the workshop theme. For example, during a sleep workshop you will work towards identifying two changes they you make to improve your sleep that very evening.

Our Health and Wellbeing Improvement Coaching changes lives.

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Goal Setting

Online via Zoom

Needing direction with something in your life?

Whether it be work, mindset, health or relationships our goal setting sessions can enable you to create the crystal clear clarity that you need to create progress.

Using various coaching models and frameworks, together we will elicit your long and short term goals. Creating process goals together to change your mindset to facilitate you in moving forward in truly achieving your goals and your potential.

All of our sessions can be content / theme free.

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Anxiety Improvement Coaching

Online Via zoom

Anxiety, ‘The feeling of unease, fear or worry’ can have a definitive negative impact on lives. Work performance, self care, general enjoyment, relationships and much more can change dramatically if you or someone you know is having feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety is the biological response to our perception of stress as hormones are released according to those perceptions. Constant release of those hormones can create symptoms that manifest as:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Feeling hot
  • Restlessness
  • Agitated
  • Lack of sleep

Our Anxiety Improvement Coaching can teach you to resolve these symptoms and manage your anxiety through different perspectives and methods.

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Sean will ensure you feel comfortable and advise on your needs , the rapport he builds up and his advice is top notch .
Sean has helped me look at an upcoming fitness challenge and set me goals and made me accountable for these and helped me realise what is important to achieve this goal.
Mike Lancaster – (Mental Health Campaigner)
Sean is an expert in his field. He was so enthusiastic and positive. He not only gave me some daily tips to use now but also tools to help me look into the future and see what I can create with my new mindset. Very powerful !! Thank you Sean you have helped me so much.
Millie Collier

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