Sean Bailey Wellness CIC

Personal Training & Exercise

You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to enjoy the benefits of a Group Exercise or Personal Training. Both formats of exercise will benefit the exercise beginner, the exercise returnee or the competitive athlete. 

All of our exercise offerings will provide you with a highly efficient and effective workout that will get you results.

Underpinning all of our exercise programs is a fantastic community that creates friendships, networks and wonderful support.


Group Exercise

Our group exercise program is held in Sandymoor, Runcorn, Cheshire providing exercise opportunities with experienced personal trainers and fitness coaches.

Classes are delivered in circuit training style using our personal methods to ensure a challenging and safe exercise experience. 

Expect to be swinging kettlebells, battling with ropes, moving through ladders, improving your squat capability whilst smiling and having fun.

You will also become part of a thriving and growing community that regularly holds social events, performs group challenges and supports charitable events for our community of people.

Established in August 2020 as a mental health initiative, our group exercise program quickly became very popular with classes of up to 36 people regularly selling out.

To find out more or to book your place please use the button below.

Exercise 4 Health

Exercise 4 Health is an exercise referral project delivered on a Wednesday evening focused on supporting people that have long term health conditions.

This is a lifestyle behaviour change programme that enables you to make successful behaviour change to your current lifestyle to improve your health.

At Exercise 4 Health you can optionally receive a speed health check that includes biometric body analysis, blood pressure readings and key measurements.

You will have the opportunity to build and document your health goals, review your current eating habits and sleep schedule.

We will work with you to improve areas of priority and support you on your journey towards better health.

This is a funded program and your first four exercise sessions are free once a successful referral is received.

To obtain the referral document please contact us using the below.


Personal Training

We offer one to one and small group personal training that will provide you with a fun, effective and challenging period of exercise sessions.

All of our personal training sessions will improve your health and wellbeing, they will also improve your exercise understanding and capability.

We provide four week blocks of 1-1 or 2-1 one hour personal training sessions with prices beginning at £30 per session.

We also offer 30 minute HIIT, (high intensity interval training) sessions that are designed and guaranteed to challenge you and improve your fitness.

Before beginning any personal training, you will receive a health consultation to establish goals, current health profile and exercise preferences.


"You're making such a difference in our lives! I would usually be sitting on the sofa in my pjs eating crap and doing nothing! Instead, I am catching up with my friends, having a laugh, getting fit, losing weight, feeling and looking better than I have for a long time. We are so happy doing this!"

Sandra Mason

NHS Hero

"I'm loving the circuit sessions and the team have been great, whilst coming out of lockdown madness this was exactly what I needed to get some focus back on my fitness."

Marc Wellings

Head of Trading

"I am a keen runner, combining circuit training with my running has enabled me to knock 2 minutes of my best 10K time. Outstanding work."

Helen Shaw

School Teacher

"You have been an inspiration Sean. I'm so made up with my progress and after a rubbish day at work today the session tonight has made me feel much more positive. A massive thank you from me!"

Mary Taylor

Program Manager - Europe