Personal Training & Exercise

We provide home based Personal Training and Exercise services for people looking to make positive change to their health and wellbeing.

Regardless of your circumstances we can support your health, exercise and training goals.

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Exercise, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

Our philosophy around exercise and fitness coaching is focused on functional movements that improve day to day activities.

We see weight loss, muscle change, aesthetic body changes simply as a byproduct of our work with all clients.

Multi limb, multi muscle and multi joint movements are what we classify as functional movement, by encompassing these types of exercises within our work not only can we lose weight, improve wellbeing, change physique, we also improve how we move our body within our typical day to day activity.

Group Training

Our regular group exercise training takes place in Sandymoor, Cheshire on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Established in August 2020 to support people with their mental health this program of exercise quickly became very popular. Locally, there was a need to support people with their wellbeing and with the benefits that exercise provides this became the catalyst for a now thriving community.

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Personal Training

We specialise in home based personal training with our own exercise philosophy underpinning our approach. Functional movements combined with cardiovascular training improves strength and conditioning, combined with nutrition analysis, planning and support as well as insight into sleep habits and behaviours, we improve your health and wellbeing from many angles.

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"You're making such a difference in our lives! I would usually be sitting on the sofa in my pjs eating crap and doing nothing! Instead, I am catching up with my friends, having a laugh, getting fit, losing weight, feeling and looking better than I have for a long time. We are so happy doing this!"

Sandra MasonNHS Hero

"I'm loving the circuit sessions and the team have been great, whilst coming out of lockdown madness this was exactly what I needed to get some focus back on my fitness"

Marc WellingsHead of Trading

I am a keen runner, combining circuit training with my running has enabled me to knock 2 minutes of my best 10K time. Outstanding work.

Helen ShawSchool Teacher

You have been an inspiration Sean. I'm so made up with my progress and after a rubbish day at work today the session tonight has made me feel much more positive. A massive thank you from me!

Mary TaylorProgram Manager - Europe