Health and Wellbeing Camp One – An Amazing Success

This week we launched our first-ever summer Kids Health and Wellbeing Camp and it has been an incredible success. Feedback received, every single day has simply been overwhelming and confirmation that this work has been needed and delivered with excellence.

Our coaching staff has all been recruited from the local area to support their studies and to provide them with real work experience and opportunities in exercise coaching and support.

With provision for children receiving free school meals and we have openly welcomed children with SEND or any type of disability into the camp, we have ensured that all children get an opportunity to learn and experience physical activity during the summer holidays.

In line with our philosophy, learning has centered around nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mental health.

Delivered with excellence, the effect this week has had on our local children has been truly remarkable.

To find out more about our camps, please visit our Wellbeing camps page.