We might not realise it yet but with COVID19, the Mental Health first aider has and will have such a crucial role to play supporting others. As we start to get further into the isolation period there is no doubt that every single person will have their Mental Health tested.

Isolation alone is a key factor in loneliness and this can contribute to many mental ill health challenges. Add in the anxiety created due to the various unknowns we find ourselves in, and the poor mental health picture starts to paint itself.

Depression could also come into the equation as people are restricted with their life.

For an individual who is ‘thriving’, it’s highly likely they will have the greatest resilience towards the uncertainty. Someone, however that is not in the ‘thriving’ bracket and is possibly bordering on ‘surviving’ with their mental health, these uncertain times could plummet their mental health.

That is where the mental heath first aider can play such a key role.

Some key things we can start to do:

  • Check in and check out with all staff on a regular basis and let them know you are available.
  • Where there is a concern, ensure you have an approach to ALGEE ready and waiting.
  • Repeatedly promote self care and present very realistic self-care opportunities for people whilst in isolation.
  • Get your teams interacting using technology.

Together we can get through this but supporting each other along the way is such a key factor on this journey so let’s act as soon as we can.