Could a hybrid model of social prescribing and coaching be the future of workplace wellbeing?

Over the past ten weeks, we have been delivered an online Wellness Coaching Program to five ex colleagues at Kier Group creating results that have absolutely blown my mind!

I’ll let the group speak for themselves….

Meet Lorraine:

2nd June 2020: Pre-Wellness Coaching, Lorraine was averaging around 4.5 hours sleep and regularly tracking 5,000 steps.

24th August 2020: Averaging 7 hours plus sleep per night and regularly tracking 13,000 plus steps, personal best of 18,500.

How does this affect her work?

-Completing tasks with improved speed and with improved efficiency
-Higher levels of motivation
-Greater energy
-Less sickness
-Helping others

In 20 years of corporate world, I have yet to see a wellbeing program, wellbeing offering, or solution have an impact like the example above.

And there is much more to come from all of the other participants – stay tuned.

Keep smiling