Everyone should have access to the appropriate health and wellbeing resources to enable them to fulfil their health potential.

Our solutions are designed to meet individual needs and to resolve organisational challenges, to find how we can help you please get in touch.

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The mission of Sean Bailey Wellness CIC is to empower as many individuals as we can through our education solutions to make better choices around their own wellness.

We believe that when people are healthier they are happier and when they are happier they are more engaged, more productive and a much improved version of themselves.

Our services support lifestyle behaviour change to allow health and wellbeing potential to be realised.

Four Ways to Better Wellbeing

In need of the quickest route to improved wellbeing?

Do you need some guidance on self care for you or your teams in these challenging times?

If this sounds familiar then this online session can really help you as an individual and as a leader.

Long term studies have shown that the three key areas to optimal human health are good sleep, food and appropriate hydration, within this session we explore all three areas and we also dive into activity levels.

With working from home now the normality for many people, this presents risk where these key areas are neglected.

Outcomes of this neglect are poor wellbeing, losses in productivity, decreased motivation, increased stress and probable sickness.

This session will tackle these areas of neglect with immediate solutions to improve and maintain physical and mental wellness.

Over 300 individuals have now attended this remote session:

  • 92% of individuals stated they found the session highly useful.
  • 91% of individuals said they are highly likely to make positive change  following the session.

“Quality session” – Nick Bradwell

“Absolutely amazing delivery and simple to understand” – Ciara Connor-Searles

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Wellbeing Awareness for Remote Working

Our Wellbeing Awareness for Remote Workers will be delivered online via Zoom.

The objective of this course is to increase the awareness of health and wellbeing for remote workers. The learning outcomes of this workshop will enable individuals to support their own health and wellbeing whilst working remotely.

For leaders, this workshop will also create opportunities to support remote working team members with their health and wellbeing.

Practical solutions are the continuous theme of this session, focusing on why and how we can improve the below components of health;

  • Sleep
  • Hydration & Nutrition
  • Activity
  • Managing Stress

Throughout the session we will continuously explore the inter-connectivity of physical health and mental health via a blend of facilitation, interactive content, and delegate led discussions.

Please contact us to discuss further requirements.

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Group Health & Wellbeing Improvement Coaching

If you are struggling with either your physical wellness or mental wellness, through stress, poor quality sleep, poor diet or lack of physical activity and you want to make positive change then we can help you.

Online Health and Wellbeing Improvement Coaching is built around basic principles that support realistic behaviour change.

Via a series of educational workshops, this program explores sleep, nutrition, hydration, activity and stress; uncovering key individual learnings within each subject area.

Within each workshop you will design behaviours that align to your own long and short term goals connected to the workshop theme. For example, during a sleep workshop you will work towards identifying two changes they you make to improve your sleep that very evening.

Our Health and Wellbeing Improvement Coaching changes lives.

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Mental Health First Aid Training

According to the latest research poor mental health costs £1,300 per employee in the UK.

The rise in awareness of mental health over the last ten years has been stratospheric however the rise of solutions to these problems has severely lagged behind.

So, what solutions do you have in place to support your own mental health?

What solutions does your organisation have in place to support others with mental health?

Using our lived experience of mental illness and supporting many employees in the corporate world with their mental health, the live sessions within this course are fully authentic and relevant to the challenges we face today.

From £150 per delegate this course can be the catalyst in changing the support structure, culture and attitude towards mental health within your organisation.

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Health and Wellbeing Week

Wow, I’m taken back and a tad worried now but knowing how subtle changes can make such an impact is really helpful

Dan FoleyDirector

Very inspiring and also practical knowledge to improve my own diet, wellbeing and fitness – thank you


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