A productive and extremely popular session around sleep hygiene last Tuesday provoked so much thought with delegates! With some of the research and evidence presented we had a shocked cohort when realising how a 3pm coffee destroys your deep (NREM) sleep.

After some great discussion in the room we posed the question on how insufficient sleep affects our daily mental health! Poor concentration, anxious, irritable, poor mood where just some of the symptoms that the group presented back which we were all in unanimous agreement with were driven by insufficient sleep or poor quality sleep.

As we moved into the effect sleep has on disease and specifically the immune system we had more shocked faces! With a night of four hours of sleep reducing our natural killer cell activity by 70%+ no wonder there was a room in shock.

We finished an absolutely incredible hour of work by reflecting on how a great night of sleep will affect us….

(Several examples)

More energy
Calorie control
Positive mood
Ability to concentrate for extended periods
Drive safely

And later in the week we were asked to come back and re-present a further session!!

Sean Bailey

Sean Bailey

A happier, healthier you.