There is no doubt the events over the last few days have turned our lives upside down and there are challenging times ahead. With many people in isolation of some form such as working from home, symptom isolation or protective isolation one thing we really need to be mindful of is our own self-care.

There are great levels of uncertainty ahead and this can create serious levels of anxiety. This is why it is of the upmost importance that we ‘control the controllables’ with regards to our own wellbeing.

To offer a small element of help, Sean Bailey Wellness will provide regular self care tips for individuals in isolation

Reframe the situation;

We are surrounded by uncertainty with COVID19 so we need try and take some ownership and reframing allows us to do that. Reframing is seeing the situation through a different (positive) lens. An example would be, “This gives me an opportunity to get into those jobs around the house I have been putting off.”

Give reframing a try with a simple question, I have time on my hands at home, what positive actions can I take?

Embrace Mindfulness;

Mindfulness is an excellent practice to produce a layer of immediate calm. This can be applied to any situation and can be practiced anywhere. Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the current moment whether it be through focused breathing, listening to music or practicing yoga. There are lots of mainstream apps such as Calm or Headspace that can guide you through simple practice which we highly recommend.

We cannot control what is going on with COVID19 but we can control our mind in the moment with mindfulness.

One minute of focused breathing, give it a go!

Hopefully these are useful, we will keep updating with some of our best self-care tips over the coming days.