Build a sleep routine:

For all parents, especially parents to younger children, routines are crucial and especially at bed time.

Adults are no different.

Wind down routines can really improve your sleep and better sleep undoubtedly means better health.

Across the weeks of isolation there has been lots of content released across many media channels championing daily routines. The importance of a routine cannot be underestimated but getting into one, especially during times of uncertainty, can take time so be patient.

With many of us working from home, there has never been a greater opportunity to create a sleep routine and reap the physiological and psychological benefits that a sleep routine can produce.

“Isn’t a sleep routine just going to bed?”

Not exactly. It is going to bed at the same or similar time regularly with a regular set of what we call preparation behaviours.

A beautiful simple example of a simple sleep routine:

  • 9.00pm – switch off mobile phone
  • 9.30pm – read a book
  • 9.45pm – into bed
  • 10pm – asleep
  • 6.30am – wake

“What are the benefits of a sleep routine?”

  • Increased sleep time
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Less stress
  • Hormone balance
  • Greater energy upon waking

Three immediate tips to get started

  1. Set a bedtime alarm
  2. Avoid TV in the bedroom
  3. Be consistent with sleep / wake times

Recalling my experience of spending 5 months in isolation, daily routine was a key component of being an inpatient. Because of routine I was prepared accordingly for the next challenge and able to give it my absolute all.

By getting our optimal dose of sleep we can set up our day in the best way possible from the moment we wake up

Keep smiling