This week I have been thinking deeply about the time I spent in a very different type of isolation. In the spring of 2005, I suffered a very serious spinal cord injury which made me an inpatient for five months across two amazing hospitals. Although I had many, many visitors and who all served an absolute critical role towards the recovery from the injury, it was a very lonely and tough time.

As an inpatient I was very limited to what I could do regardless of my physical state. During the period of complete paralysis, I couldn’t do anything for myself, I was completely reliant on others. At that time the challenge on my mental health was incredible but I had to see it as an opportunity and seize that opportunity otherwise I would not have recovered.

Having your sense of freedom removed can be very difficult to deal with and one of the key things I would focus on each day was completing a goal. At the different stages of recovery the daily goal changed but initially when I was contained to a bed for 14 weeks the goal was completing 10 sets of 10 attempts to move each of my arms and legs. I did this every day until they moved.

Using goals with our own isolation.

I would say to everyone everywhere in whatever form of isolation they are in is set yourself a goal every single day. By setting a goal you are creating the opportunity to achieve something.

The goal could be “Today I am going to cut the grass” or “Today I am going to get out for a walk” or even something as basic as “Today I will get dressed” – whatever suits you and your current circumstances.
One key outcome of goal setting is the sense of achievement you get from completing your goal. The feeling from sense of achievement can improve your mental wellbeing some of the many benefits listed below;

  • Increased Confidence
  • Increased Self esteem
  • Positive Outlook
  • Greater Productivity
  • Sharper Focus
  • Higher Motivation
  • Sense of Pride

If you can – set yourself a goal right now!

Keep Smiling