Staying active is crucial whilst in isolation.

The positive effects of exercise on our physical and mental health are endless which is why it is critical that we stay active whilst in isolation. An amazing point about exercise and one we completely under appreciate (when we are not under restriction) is that it can be done anywhere, in any amount of space at any time.

Exercising also creates a downstream effect. Downstream effects are where we indirectly affect other aspects of our life or lifestyle from one primary intervention. In the case of exercising, we are more likely to be more mindful of our food choices; the outcome is that we eat healthier. Exercise also creates greater levels of deep sleep and we will typically hydrate correctly during and following activity.

Adding up these downstream nudges exercise quickly becomes more than just ‘a 30-minute workout.’ In the current circumstances that many of us find ourselves in we can all be grateful for downstream nudges from relatively simple interventions.

So below we have created a workout that anybody of any ability can do. This session can be completed anywhere at any time and you need zero equipment.

We have also included variations for each exercise if you find the primary exercise too challenging.

  1. 30 seconds jog on the spot – (Walk on the spot)
  2. 10 push ups – (Press ups against a wall)
  3. 10 lunges – (Half lunge holding on to a support)
  4. 30 seconds plank – (Knees on the floor plank)
  5. 10 shoulder taps – (Shoulder taps in press up position against a wall)
  6. 10 squats – (Squat with back against a wall)
  7. 30 seconds plank – (Knees on the floor plank)
  8. 10 star jumps – (Arm movement only – no jump)
  9. 10 glute bridges – (Glute raises – no bridge)
  10. 30 seconds plank – (Knees on the floor plank)

Give it a go and even better give it a go (if you can) in your garden so get some wonderful day light exposure.

Keep smiling.