Self Care Whilst in Isolation #2

As we continue living and working in isolation, we will keep providing simple practical tips to keep assist with your health maintenance and at times, your health improvement!

If anything, these uncertain times can be a very powerful reminder that health is wealth and should be top priority in everyone’s life.

Now on to isolation and some simple effective ways to enable us to continue to maintain our wellbeing whilst remaining isolated.

If working, try and work by a window;

Exposure to greater levels of natural daylight has been shown to improve sleep quality and duration through a variety of studies. Our circadian biology is primarily controlled by the sun therefore exposure to it is critical to maintain your bodily rhythms. Something we can all do in our lives is get greater levels of exposure to day light but as we are now in isolation this can be challenging.

So, if possible, try and work as close to a window as possible.

Stay hydrated;

Just a 1% drop in hydration levels can impair physical and mental performance. Energy levels can decrease, time to exhaustion can decrease, concentration levels can decrease, attention to detail can drop all from a 1% drop in your hydration level. The brain is over 70% water so it makes sense that drops in water levels will result in drops in cognitive function.

Keep a refillable bottle (1l if possible) close by and get through at least two refills a day!

These things are simple, but they can really make a big difference to your health and wellbeing at all times, but especially during this period of uncertainty.

Keep smiling!