Yesterday I spent some time in front of the camera albeit in my kitchen…not my usual lunch time I must admit, but a wonderful experience.

Sharing my own story around mental health for Time to Change, Mind and Halton Borough Council, discussing how lifestyle change was one of the catalysts for my own recovery and ongoing maintenance.

Giving an insight into the importance of sleep, good sleep hygiene and how society seems to dismiss the importance of sleep for sustained good physical and mental wellbeing.

It didn’t stop there, we got into diet and the key role it plays in mental health, talking about the importance of fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids and the impact of the lack of fibre in the modern diet.

Finally, from a nutrition perspective (and by this point I was on my soap box), I got into how we allow fast food deserts to overrun town centres, creating an environment for horrendous food choice with outcomes of poor physical and mental health.

And after a brilliant 1-1 Wellness Coaching session in the morning with a now thriving client, yesterday ended with some local Functional exercise circuits to support mental wellbeing.

Keep Smiling