This week we have been able to launch two brand new exciting solutions for improving individual wellness.

After some amazing success within our most recent Wellness Coaching Program, we are now able to launch our 5-Day Sleep Improvement Program.

Sleep Improvement is exactly that, we work to improve your sleep over three days of 90 minute workshops sandwiched between 1-1 individual coaching sessions. The workshops create a foundation of knowledge around sleep, what impairs our sleep and what enhances our sleep.

Each workshop is underpinned by a behaviour design process which empowers individuals to design the behaviours that fit their routines to improve their sleep. Creating ownership and accountability, this is a very powerful behaviour change process.

We have also been able to launch our local Functional Fitness for Mental Health outdoor sessions. Using our experience of Mental Health and Functional Fitness Coaching, we have been able to create a solution that improves mental wellbeing whilst also improving functional physical wellbeing.

If jumping, swinging kettlebells, slamming balls and ropes appeal to you, this session is something that could rapidly improve your overall health.

To book on our 5 Day Sleep Improvement Program, click here.

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