Lockdown v2.0 – Part One

Well, here we are again, another national lockdown and with very similar questions being asked as per the first-time round.

“How do I maintain my wellbeing?”

“How can I control my anxiety?”

“I need to get through it, what can I do?”

There is so much we can do to use this period of time as an opportunity and get the absolute best out of ourselves during this time.

It starts with a great night of sleep, something we are so passionate about and something we should all seek to improve;

How can we improve our sleep?

Our top three tips to immediately improve sleep are:

  1. Be mindful of all forms of caffeine intake – nothing after midday due to the 12-hour life cycle in the brain and blood.
  2. Get outdoors – expose yourself to as much natural light as you can to allow your circadian rhythms (body clock) to work as optimally as possible.
  3. Cut the booze – alcohol interferes with REM sleep (dream sleep) which is key to resetting our emotional state.

If you want to improve your sleep, contact us for a discovery call to see how we can help you to get a great night of sleep through our coaching solutions.