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All of our courses are designed and delivered to educate learners on simple routes to better wellness.

Our approach to all courses is to create a learning environment where every learner benefits.

We can all improve our physical and mental wellbeing, let us show you how we can support you.

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Our solutions are be delivered remotely or face to face.

Whether you are an individual looking to make change, a small independent business looking to support your staff or a large organisation looking to change your culture towards wellbeing, we can help.

Our delivery is unique in that we use our lived experience to enable solutions for you.

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Online 5 Day - Sleep Improvement Program

Delivered via Zoom

Date: Monday 7th September - 13:00pm

Struggling with sleep? Waking up feeling tired? Does this happen most days?

You are not alone, it is estimated that 40% of the UK population struggle with their sleep with many people turning to over the counter medication.

Insufficient sleep doesn’t just make us feel tired the next day, productivity losses, increased caloric intake, reduced energy levels, inability to focus, lack of motivation, negative temperament are all common outcomes associated with chronic insufficient sleep.

However we can help you with this.

Our five day online sleep program will educate and support you in improving your sleep via a series of workshops and one to one coaching.

As part of this program, we will uncover how sleep is perceived in society, clarify the role of sleep in health, de-mystify the effects of caffeine, light and alcohol in relation to sleep and much, much more.

To immediately support your own sleep you will design behaviours that you can adopt as part of your own daily routines that will benefit your sleep that very evening.

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Four Ways to Wellbeing

90 minute webinar via Zoom

Date: Thursday 6th August - 13:00pm

Are you looking for a quick route to improved wellbeing?

Do you need some guidance on self care for you or your teams in these challenging times?

If this sounds familiar then this session can really help you as an individual and as a leader. Long term studies have shown that the three key areas to optimal human health are good sleep, food and appropriate hydration, within this session we explore all three areas and we also dive into activity levels.

With working from home now the normality for many people, this presents risk where these key areas are neglected.

Outcomes of this neglect are poor wellness, loss in productivity, decreased motivation, increased stress and possible sickness.

This session will tackle these areas of neglect with immediate solutions to improve and maintain physical and mental wellness.

Over the last six weeks, over 300 people have attended this session;

  • 92% of individuals stated they found the session highly useful.
  • 91% of individuals said they are highly likely to make positive change  following the session.
“Quality session” – Nick Bradwell
“Absolutely amazing delivery and simple to understand” – Ciara Connor-Searles

At £15 per person, this session is amazing value for money, representing a significant return on investment by;

  • Employees that are aware of healthier choices make healthier choices.
  • Employees making healthier choices will have less sick days.
  • Healthier employees are more productive.
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Wellbeing Awareness for Home Working

THREE DAY WORKSHOP - 90 mins per session

Dates of next workshop: Monday 17th August
12 noon - 1:30pm.

Are you working from home? At times are you struggling to manage your wellbeing?

This workshop can fix that.

Never before has our wellbeing been challenged like it is today. Constantly working from home presents many challenges:

  • Lack of boundaries between work and home life
  • Increased sedentary behaviour
  • Poor food choices
  • Poor drink choices
  • Inactivity levels rise
  • Lack of face to face connection

These are some of the challenges working from home presents. Long term, how does this affect us? We see increases of sickness, weight gain, poorer mental health, greater levels of stress and reduced productivity.

Whether you are a leader or not, this series of workshops can help you and those around you.

Using behaviour change we explore what we can do to make immediate subtle improvements to the key pillars of health.

Delegates will design their own behaviours that they can immediately implement into their life to offset the challenges of home working and improve their wellness.

At £30 per person, this workshop could make the difference in your life and in your health.

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Online Mental Health First Aid



According to the latest research poor mental health costs £1,300 per employee in the UK.

The rise in awareness of mental health over the last ten years has been stratospheric however the rise of solutions to these problems has severely lagged behind.

So, what solutions do you have in place to support your own mental health?

What solutions does your organisation have in place to support others with  mental health?

Using our lived experience of mental illness and supporting many employees in the corporate world with their mental health, the live sessions within this course are fully authentic and relevant to the challenges we face today.

At £150 per delegate this course presents a significant return on investment for any individual or organisation.

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Wellness Coaching



We provide various opportunities in Wellness Coaching for individuals and organisations.

Often workplaces will have workshops or EAP provision to support the wellness of their employees. Does this work? Is this enabling them to make positive change?

In our experience this does not support behaviour change, it does not change attitudes, it does not create learning.

Our approach is different, we provide 1-1 coaching with all of our wellness coachees to support them in changing their negative health behaviours.

With 20 years of corporate industry experience, 19 years of coaching business and elite sport we understand the issues business and individuals face regarding their wellbeing and we know how to solution these issues.

To find out more about our Wellness Coaching opportunities please click here.

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Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course (20th and 21st February, Halton)

“Absolutely Outstanding”
“Excellent 2 days, really informative”

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