We have had a brilliant three weeks of coaching and learning.

Following the completion of the amazing International Coaching, Hypnosis, Timeline and NLP programme we have started to implement so many of the learnings into our work.

Over the last seven days we have worked with clients all over Europe and also much closer to the home in the UK delivering some brilliant work that is changing lives for the better.

Life Coaching, Performance Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Improvement Coaching and Functional Fitness Coaching all being delivered either face to face or online and having a significant positive impact on lives. To see our coaching offerings please visit https://seanbaileywellness.com/coaching/

This past week has also seen our first ever podcast feature released which was an incredible experience. Our friends over at Tales to Inspire (https://www.facebook.com/talestoinspire/) have released their first batch of podcasts and it was an absolute pleasure to be involved with this.

Search Tales to Inspire on your podcast provider.

And finally, the final video supporting Halton Borough Council as part of their mental health campaign ‘Talking About Mental – Its Time to Change’ was released this week, talking about mental health, recovery and stigma during my journey from spinal cord injury to current day.